Getting Started as an AWIM Volunteer

Volunteers are the hallmark of the A World In Motion program. However, we realize that sometimes potential volunteers need some help in getting started. Below is a simple step-by-step process to help you introduce and ultimately implement a local AWIM program.

STEP #1 – Check to See if Your Employer or SAE Section Already Supports AWIM

Check to see if your employer or SAE Section already supports and AWIM Special Initiative.

Current AWIM Specials Initiatives

AWIM Special Initiatives are funded AWIM programs and participating companies or sections typically have a contact within their organization to help get you started. If your company is part of a funded Special Initiative, contact the person listed at the link above or the AWIM staff ( for help getting started.

If your company or SAE Section is not a funder of an AWIM Special Initiative, proceed to step #2.

STEP #2 – Recruit a School

Recruiting a new school to participate in AWIM is easy with the proper tools. Below are some resources to help you get started:

AWIM Presentation (PowerPoint Format)

AWIM Presentation (PDF Format)

AWIM Brochures & Promotional Literature (link to access PDF Format)

The tools above will provide the essential information the school system will be looking for before agreeing to participate in any supplemental educational experience. We recommend starting with your child’s teacher (if you have a child attending the school) or the principal/school administration as the initial contact with the school.

STEP #3 – Partner with a local organization to generate funding

This could be a service organization such as a Rotary Club or another community organization.

STEP #4 – Contact SAE for Training Needs
In certain circumstances, SAE can support you and the class with which you are partnering to provide training. Contact us at for training support.
STEP #5 – Plan an Implementation & Visit Schedule
Once the teacher receives the AWIM curriculum and materials, you will need to schedule a brief planning session prior to starting your classroom visits. In this meeting you’ll want to cover the following:
  • Establish a classroom visitation schedule
  • Ask about any special requirements before classroom visits
    (Clearances, where to park, how to enter school/sign-in, etc.)
  • Discuss the roles you and the teacher will play
    (Who delivers instruction, what can you share with the students, what happens when you are not there, etc.)
  • Any other topic the teacher/you would like to cover
STEP #6 – Implement the AWIM Program
The teacher will receive an AWIM Teacher Manual with the material kit. The manual contains a suggested implementation schedule. However, you are free to alter the schedule to allow program deliver to fit your (and the teacher’s) schedule. This will not alter the value of the experience for the students.
STEP #7 – Tell Us What You Think

SAE looks forward to sharing the success of the classroom students, teachers and volunteers. We often share stories of the positive impact of AWIM classroom volunteers. Please share your story and we just might publish it in the SAE Foundation Newsletter.

SAE Foundation Newsletter

STEP #8 – What’s Next?
Almost every time the AWIM program is introduced into a new school setting, other teacher see the great things participating teachers and volunteer are doing and want to participate. There are a couple options for moving forward.
  1. Get your company or SAE Section involved with supporting an AWIM Special Initiative.
    The best way to grow the AWIM program is through corporate or SAE Section funding. If you would like to find out more about getting your company involved, please contact us (

  2. Purchase AWIM Curriculum and Materials
    When funding is not an option, teachers can purchase curriculum and materials (in addition to the one complementary kit, per school - per school year). Kits can be purchased at the following link.

    There is a 25% discount for teachers working with volunteers!

    Purchase AWIM Curriculum & Materials

  3. Continue Supporting One Classroom
    Although this might be hard to do because of the high demand for expansion, don’t give up. Keep supporting the original classroom with your complimentary materials each year until funds become available to expand.
STEP #9 – Have Fun!
Remember, the work you are doing is of very high value to the students and participating teacher. Please remember to have fun and enjoy your volunteer experience!


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