The AWIM Program Training Workshops

These trainings are an introduction into the different challenges in the A World In Motion program. These challenges are offered to all educators and interested participants.

July 2017
Skimmer Workshop Skimmer Workshop
Monday, July 10th
3:00 PM EST

Do you want to engage your students with the idea of building an earth friendly toy? If so, join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Skimmer challenge

In the Skimmer Challenge, students are introduced to a model Skimmer presented by the fictitious toy company EarthToy Designs, whose specialty is making toys out of recycled or recyclable materials. The design of the toy is incomplete and suggestions for variations on this toy are requested from student design teams.
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6th Annual STEM Forum & Expo 6th Annual STEM Forum & Expo
Wednesday, July 12th- Friday, July 14th
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
6000 W. Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee, FL

AWIM will present one upper elementary workshop.

Pinball Workshop book Pinball Workshop
Wednesday, July 19th
5:00 PM EST

Do you want to teach your students that science really can be fun and games? If so, join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Pinball Designers challenge.

After reading "Malarkey and the Big Trap," students design a homemade pinball game and explore the behavior of the difference components, such as the pinball, ball traps and bumpers. The students test the launch ramp to explore how launch position affects the behavior of the pinball and then learn how to optimize their games to make them more challenging and interesting.
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Engineering Inspired by Design Workshop bool Engineering Inspired by Design Workshop
Tuesday, July 25th
4:00 PM EST

Do you want to engage and excite your students? If so, join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Engineering Inspired By Nature challenge.

In the Engineering Inspired By Nature challenge, students investigate seeds that are dispersed by the wind. They apply what they have learned to make paper helicopters and parachutes. They test different variables (lengths, width, weight, etc.) to see how these factors affect performance. Concepts covered in this unit include gravity, drag, friction, velocity and acceleration.
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August 2017
Gravity Cruiser Gravity Cruiser
Wednesday, August 9th
3:00 PM EST

Do you want to explore a new, hands-on method for creating excitement about forces and motion? If so, join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Gravity Cruiser challenge.

In this challenge, students will focus on understanding the relationships between the "sweep" of the lever arm, the number of winds the string makes about the axle, and the distance the gravity cruiser travels. They will also investigate how the diameter of the wheels, the diameter of the axles, and the amount of weight placed on the lever affect the gravity cruiser's speed and distance.
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Glider Glider
Monday, August 14th
5:00 PM EST

Who doesn’t love a good old paper airplane? Join this webinar to step that concept up a notch and learn more about AWIM's Glider challenge.

Students explore the relationship between force and motion and the effects of weight and lift on a glider. Students learn the relationships between data analysis and variable manipulations, and the importance of understanding consumer demands.
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Virginia Children's Engineering Convention Making Music Workshop
Tuesday, August 29th
4:00 PM EST

Do you want to learn more about integrating arts and literature into STEM education? If so, join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Making Music challenge.

In the Making Music Challenge, students explore sound and vibrations. Students learn how the human eardrum works and explore concepts such as pitch and longitudinal and transverse waves. They collect information through hands-on lessons and engineer a musical instrument per specific criteria. A student reader brings the concepts to life for the students through a fictional story about animals and sounds within nature.
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September 2017
Straw Rockets Workshop book Straw Rockets Workshop
Monday, September 11th
3:00 PM EST

Did you ever think that you would encourage your students to launch straws across the classroom? Join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Straw Rockets challenge and the science behind this idea.

In the Straw Rockets challenge, students explore the life of Dr. Robert Goddard while reading the biography, The Rocket Age Takes Off. Students build, test and modify rockets made from drinking straws and test the rockets to see how far they can fly. Concepts covered in this unit include Newton's Laws of Motion, Gravity, thrust, lift and drag.
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Rolling Things Training Rolling Things Training
Monday, September 18th
5:00 PM EST

Did you ever wonder if you heard the entire story of the three little pigs? If you want to explore the STEM concepts in this twist on a popular tale, join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Rolling Things challenge

In this curriculum, students explore the story The Three Little Pigs' Sledding Adventure, during which they will study toy cars and car performance. Launching the cars from ramps, the students investigate the effects that different ramp heights and car weights have on distance traveled, measuring and recording data gathered through variable testing.
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Motorized Toy Car Motorized Toy Car
Tuesday, September 26th
4:00 PM EST

Do you want to explore forces and motion while addressing essential mathematic and scientific concepts and skills.? If so, join this webinar to learn more about AWIM's Motorized Toy Car Challenge.

In the Motorized Toy Car Challenge, a fictitious toy company called Mobility Toys Inc. presents the challenge in the form of a Request For Proposal (RFP). The company is interested in receiving new designs for moving toys. The toy company sends the RFP to the class requesting written proposals, sketches, and working models of designs that meet a specific set of requirements.
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