Special Initiatives


SAE International's A World in Motion (AWIM) program has been used in all of the provinces in Canada for years with over 6000 kits distributed to over 1,800 teachers since 2005.

SAE's goal is to engage the largest number of students at the earliest age possible in learning about STEM subjects and STEM careers, with programming ranging from grades K-8. The AWIM curriculum provides a unique way for educators to be able to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts, while providing a path for districts to help meet the standards of science and technology.

  • Expand distribution of the AWIM curriculum
  • Expose students to the engineering design experience, integrating science, math and technology education into a project-based learning model
  • Deliver the programs through traditional classroom, after school, and/or out of school program models to maximize student reach