Rolling Things

The Three Little Pigs' Sledding Adventure

In this challenge, students will explore the story The Three Little Pigs' Sledding Adventure during which they will study toy cars and car performance. Launching the cars from ramps, the students investigate the effects of different ramp heights and car weights have on distance traveled, measuring and recording data gathered through variable testing. Learn More


Pinball Designers

Malarkey and the Big Trap

After reading Malarkey and theBig Trap, students design a homemade pinball game and explore the behavior of the difference components, such as the pinball, ball traps and bumpers. The students test the launch ramp to explore how launch position affects the behavior of the pinball and then learn how to optimize their games to make them more challenging and interesting. Learn More


Inspired by Nature

Once Upon a Time in the Woods

Students investigate methods in which seeds are dispersed in nature through the story Once Upon a Time in the Woods. The story leads the students to further explore how seeds are dispersed by the wind. Using the designs found in nature, the students develop paper helicopters and parachutes then perform variable testing to improve their performance. Learn More


Straw Rockets

The Rocket Age Takes Off

Students explore the early life of Dr. Robert Goddard while reading the biography, The Rocket Age Takes Off. After investigating Goddard's early trials and tribulations in creating the first liquid fueled rocket engine, students begin to uncover the work necessary to optimize a design with the goal of creating a straw rocket that flies the farthest and highest. Learn More


Making Music

The Three Little Pigs' Sledding Adventure

Students will read about the sounds of nature in Sleep Soundly at Beaver's Inn. After reading this story of each animal's struggle for a peaceful night's sleep, students will explore sound and vibrations and learn how the human eardrum works. After collecting information through hand on lessons, students will engineer a musical instrument according to specific criteria. Learn More

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